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The growing number of accepted gender non-conformities is growing each year, and the number of combinations of gender identity and sexual preference is multiplying to the point where we may need a better general term for such non-standard sexualities. In this article, I first argue for...


5 Possible reasons Sodom was destroyed

Today I read an article about another Evangelical pastor deciding that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. The article mentioned that a non-traditional interpretation of the Old Testament story of the destruction of Sodom (Genesis 19) was part of the decision to reconsider the Biblical...


Coming out to your parents as polygamous

It is very exciting to live in a day when previously ridiculed and marginalized people groups are receiving legal and social recognition and rights. Blacks, women, and now homosexuals are finally finding their place in the sun as decades, even centuries of discrimination are being...


A Response to Rabbi Shmuley on Duck Dynasty

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has written what some consider a balanced, conciliatory, if not condemnatory piece in the New York Observer on the whole Duck Dynasty brouhaha. As an admittedly less influential pastor, I would like to respond to the good Rabbi’s assertions.  The headings below...


Welcome to marriage’s slippery slope

I have a confession – while I hold to the traditional Biblical views regarding the unnatural and immoral nature of homosexuality, I have not been ardent about preventing gay marriage.  Why? Because I believe in limited, secular government – not secular society, and not the...


Causes of same-sex attraction

NARTH has a nice reprint of an original article from The Catholic Standard & Times which discusses the roots of homosexuality.  The author, Dr. Richard Fiztgibbons, contributed to the Catholic booklet on this issue called Homosexuality and Hope. The main section titles are: Weak Masculine/Feminine...

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