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Equal rights for all relationships!

Like it or not, think it's pejorative or not, the current logic people are using to justify and legalize gay relationships applies equally to other non-abusive relationships, including polygamy, polyamory and bestiality.  Are we saying that homosexuality and beastiality are the same, morally speaking?  No,...


Gay marriage = higher divorce rates

Joe Carter at EO has a well documented article on how to call the bluff of most gay-marriage advocates – tell them that if they are really interested in the institution of marriage, they should push for stricter divorce laws – which will never happen,...


Christian Ministry Fined $23,000 in Gay Discrimination Case

Well, it has started in Canada – the loss of religious liberty, and the beginning of lawsuits against churches who don’t want to hire gays, or who condemn homosexuality.  One of Canada‚Äôs largest Christian ministries dedicated to caring for the disabled was fined $23,000 recently...