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GUIDE: Favorite Productivity Podcasts

Updated: 05.01.2017 Changes: Added lots Best Podcasts for Thinking Christians Best Atheist / Secularist / Anti-theist Podcasts However, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite personal productivity podcasts, many of which are run by Christians. Enjoy. My Current Favorites The 5AM Miracle Podcast –  Not...


Getting Things Done

If you’re like me, you really want to accomplish great and fun things in your life, but you never quite muster up the focus, energy, and skills to get it done. Like me, you read the occasional productivity blog from some guru, then sit down...


PODCAST: I Want, I Can, I Must

How Hard Work Leads to Satisfaction This sermon starts off the new year by fanning our passions, helping us overcome obstacles, and instructing us on setting priorities so that we persevere with renewed focus and vigor. Sermon notes below. He who tills his land will...

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