Tagged: Science and Technology

DNA Tests as Race-Fixation

As a former scientist who performed DNA fingerprinting for cancer, I am keenly interested in the current state of DNA analysis and diagnosis based on it. Services like 23andMe and others promise not only to suggest possible medical conditions your genes might predispose you to,...


GUIDE: Best iPhone Apps for N00bs

Last Edited: 3.27.2020 There are plenty of great places to find a good introductory list of iPhone apps, like these (you should open all links in this article on your iphone, not your desktop): New to the App Store (apple.com) All App Collections (apple.com) Top...


UPPERCASE, lowercase, camelCase?

OK, this is just a bit of trivium for you writing geeks. But lately around the office, the term ‘Camel Case’ has been used for how we are going to write the name of a variable in our programming. Camel what?!? OK, so I finally...

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