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Three Definitions of “Neo-Fundamentalist”

One of the problems with the descriptors “fundamentalist” and “neofundamentalism” is that they carry different meanings among different groups.  This causes confusion when such things are discussed.  Below, I propose three different definitions of neo-fundamenalism, depending on who’s asking.


A Culture of Criticism

Yesterday I had lunch with NeoFundamentalist, who is actually a pastor here in my area.  We talked about the history of fundamentalism and evangelicalism, modernism, and the mistakes made in each camp.  Discussion also turned to how to fix these doctrinal and practical mistakes, and...


What’s wrong with modern fundamentalists?

I’m sure I’m sounding like a broken record, but as long as I get significant feedback and engagement on this issue, I will address it, because I believe that neo-fundamentalists, while carrying the excellent traditions of their forefathers, are also carrying over their errors, and...

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