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How a conservative might address liberal priorities

In a recent Facebook discussion, a (Iiberal) commenter asked me how I would address certain issues or public policy methods that liberals find unassailable. Here you go. Do you support heavily subsidized daycare? Do you support a $15 minimum wage? Do you support universal healthcare?...


When was America great?

One of the most banal challenges from the left regarding President Trump is challenging his assumption that America was ever great. When was it great? When we were killing off the native Americans? When we had slaves? When women couldn’t vote? When blacks had no...


6 Voter Types, including the Deplorables

As a moderate conservative, I have a love/hate relationship with center left news sources like NPR and Slate.com. They often put out thoughtful pieces, but the latter often leans too far left and misses the larger perspective. Case in point is William Saletan’s article with...


Dear Progressive Christians: The Glass is Half Full

I want to suggest a shift in mindset that can move us from alienation and grief to hope and action. I stress mindset, because, as it is said, “our attitude determines our altitude.” Until we can adopt a constructive attitude, we will stay inert, or worse, destructive. Here are three things we can consider:

The glass is half full
The glass is dirty
The glass is half empty

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