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Former Atheists: A. N. Wilson

Andrew Norman Wilson (b1950), is an English teacher and award winning writer.  His biography of Tolstoy won the Whitbread Award(now the Costa Book Awards) for best biography in 1988. Wilson entered Oxford on the path of ordination in the Anglican Church, but quit after the...


Christian Intellectual — Jaroslav Pelikan Dead at 82

From Albert Mohler’s Blog – I have never heard of this guy, but I will have to look into him.  He has published prolifically, including such titles as Interpreting the Bible and the Constitution, The Idea of the University : A Reexamination, The Reformation of...


Ken Taylor, Translator of The Living Bible, Dies at 88

Next to the NKJV/NRSV translations, the Living Bible is one of my favorite paraphrase translations (it leaves botch jobs like The Message in the dust – in the translator’s defense, however, you can read an interview at CT).  The Living Bible is easy to read...