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SUMMARY: The Trinity by Augustine

Augustine wrote The Trinity over twenty years, ending with a text so enormous that it was published in parts, in rough form, and later revised by Augustine (Harmless, 2010, p. 286). It is somewhat unique in Augustine’s major works in that he pursued it, not...


PODCAST: Getting back on track

This sermon is on returning to the basic disciplines of faith, as described in Romans 12:1-2, including: Bring yourselves to God Stop being conformed by this world Be Transformed Also discussed are Time Alone with God (TAG), and the possibility and pitfalls of exploring a...


SERIES: The Tripartite Makeup of Man

The following posts make up this series: Part I: The Tripartite Makeup of Man – Introduction The Tripartite Man – Spirit and Soul The Tripartite Man – The Progress of Salvation The Tripartite Man – Spirit : Intuition The Tripartite Man – Spirit : Conscience...

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