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Mystery Solved: Why supposed Christians support Donald Trump

For those who wonder how a supposed Christian could support Donald Trump, here is a summary of how conservatism in the US has evolved regarding views on character and morality of political leaders, the effect of the lying and government manipulation of the media, and the narratives that make Donald Trump possibly chosen by God.


Deconstructing Trump’s Supposed Racism

My liberal friends waste a lot of time trying to pin down Donald Trump as a fascist and racist. As I have admitted previously, Trump is old enough to carry the passive cultural racism of the previous century, but I don’t think he is a...


When was America great?

One of the most banal challenges from the left regarding President Trump is challenging his assumption that America was ever great. When was it great? When we were killing off the native Americans? When we had slaves? When women couldn’t vote? When blacks had no...

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