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Cody’s List of Good Movies You Need to See

My buddy Cody saw my list of Movies to Watch During Quarantine and noticed some gaps in my viewing, mostly older movies. Here are his suggestions. Dramas The Third Man Casablanca The Searchers Sullivan’s Travels The Bridge on the River Kwai The Treasure of the...


Obvious (Dead) Child – An ‘Abortion Comedy’

Full disclosure, I have not seen Obvious Child, and have only read/heard a handful of detailed reviews, both positive and negative. However, this film appears to bring up some important questions and concerns for those of us who are pro-life and anti-abortion. 1. Planned Parenthood helped...


27 Critical musings on the film Noah

There’s been a lot of ballyhoo about the liberties taken by director Darren Aranofsky in his new film Noah. As an evangelical myself, I wondered how I would like the film. I’m really not into boycotting films, but more into reflecting on them. Here are...


Deja Vu – 3.5 out of 5 Stars

My second favorite kind of sci-fi movie is the time-travel / time-paradox movie, and Denzel Washington’s latest Deja Vu is a pretty good addition to this genre.  It suffers from a few small illogical connections or loose ends (easy to have in a time-paradox film),...

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