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How do you know you are a Christian, a.k.a. saved?

In an online forum, someone recently asked the question “how can you be sure you are saved?” This is actually a good question. Here’s some answers. You know you’ve been changed, regenerated, brought into the family of God because you now have 1. A Desire...


Critical Thinking Link Dump

Was researching this today, thought you all might enjoy. PROBLEM SOLVING METHODOLOGIES 4 Steps to Problem Solving Simple processes for problem-solving and decision-making TRIZ – A Powerful Methodology for Creative Problem Solving CRITICAL THINKING METHODOLOGIES Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Skills:...


‘Reason is the Devil’s whore’

This famous quote comes from Martin Luther the reformer. Interestingly, infidels have long used this quote out of context to show that religion and Christianity are contrary to reason, but this is actually not Luther’s meaning, nor is he rejecting reason, but rather, reason divorced...

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