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10 Things I hate about my 2013 Toyota Avalon

Ever bought a new car, only to realize that you missed some big thing that now makes you hate the car? Me neither, until now. The problem on my Avalon? The ‘stylish’ armrest has leather halfway, which gives way to chrome. The leather has a...


Pet Peeves #006 – The Automobile

 This post is part of a series. I spend two hours a day in my car, a large 2001 Chrysler LHS.  I grew up in a family that always had large cars – a 1960 Olds 98, and at least three models of LTD Station Wagon...


Pet Peeves #005 – In church

 This post is part of a series. Might as well list these – things that bug me in church.  You secularist anti-religionists probably have your own list of these, but I’m sure they won’t be the same ;) Preachers using stale preacher jokes and cliches –...


Pet Peeves #003 – On the road

This post is part of a series. Probably nowhere else do we get more annoyed than when driving.  Here’s my most treasured peeves. People who speed up to prevent you from merging – I understand that, if I am cheating by scooting up the exit lane...


Pet Peeves #002 – At the restaurant

This post is part of a series. What really annoys you when you are out to eat?  Probably not the same things as me.  Sure, there are people on their cell phones, or people with kids, but that’s just normal stuff, as far as I’m concerned. ...


Pet Peeves #001 – In the men’s room

This post is part of a series. We all have things that other people do that bother us, even though we know they should not.  Here’s my list of pet peeves in public rest rooms. Guys that stand up to pee in the stall –...

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