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GUIDE: Favorite Productivity Podcasts

Updated: 05.01.2017 Changes: Added lots Best Podcasts for Thinking Christians Best Atheist / Secularist / Anti-theist Podcasts However, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite personal productivity podcasts, many of which are run by Christians. Enjoy. My Current Favorites The 5AM Miracle Podcast –  Not...


When Islam Abandoned Reason

Robert R. Reilly, who has more accomplishments than I can list, has written a fascinating historical account of 9th century Islam, and how the more Hellenic (Greek) version of Islam, which viewed reason and faith as complementary, was ousted by the anti-reason school of thought...


SERIES: Podcast Creation

I preach monthly, and take the recorded file and prepare it as a podcast. This series is a guide to creating your own podcast, as simply as possible. GUIDE: Podcast Creation 1 – Recording a podcast GUIDE: Podcast Creation 2 – Preparing an intro, outtro,...

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