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The Renaissance Christian Movement

Found a new great site from Australia called Faith Interface (now defunct 01/20/2020) and they have a really well thought out article on what I hope is a movement – Christians leaving behind the frailties of 19th and 20th century Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism for a...


Hold the intangible

I was updating my ID3 data on my mp3 collection, and had a great time going through all of my old CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) that I haven’t listened to for almost 20 years. I came upon Susan Ashton’s debut…


Chris Daughtry – mainstream Christian rock

My wife and I are both huge American Idol fans, and every year, we participate in an AI pool at work (though still haven’t won).  So I borrowed a copy of Chris Daughtry’s debut release, since I always liked his rock and roll voice, and...


The Modern Hymn Movement

Fundamentally Reformed has a post on the Modern Hymn Movement, but the attitudes behind this movement are a mix of desire to please God and a disdain for the contemporary worship we’ve had since the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s in Charismatic churches.  And so,...


Anti-Xian-Rock Fundies?

There are a few things that get my goat – gay apologists (who try to prove that the bible does not condenm homosexuality as sin), evolutionary patronizers (who treat those who doubt evolution as ignorant), and self-righteous heresy hunters (like CRS, for example) who tear...

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