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GUIDE: Restoring Infected WordPress Installs on Dreamhost

So your Dreamhost WordPress account is infected, and you’ve received an email that you have to clean it up. What do you do? DISCLAIMER: If you totally bork your sites, please don’t blame me. This procedure is safe as of the publication date, and tech support can...


GUIDE: Xbox One videos for YouTube – Setup

We’ve tried to find activities my 11-year-old boy can enjoy, including sports and music of many types, but the one thing he wants to do is play Xbox and watch YouTubers entertain him with their own game antics. So in a desperate ploy to get...


GUIDE: Favorite Productivity Podcasts

Updated: 05.01.2017 Changes: Added lots Best Podcasts for Thinking Christians Best Atheist / Secularist / Anti-theist Podcasts However, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite personal productivity podcasts, many of which are run by Christians. Enjoy. My Current Favorites The 5AM Miracle Podcast –  Not...