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The Weaknesses of Atheism

Making headlines in atheist circles is the fact that one of the former members of John Loftus’ team over at Debunking Christianity has left atheism and ‘reconverted’ back to Christianity. In Autobahn To Damascus, Darrin Raspberry outlined some of his reasons for reconversion, and those...


The extreme middle, the healthy right and left

When discussing extremism, we must remember that there is an extreme middle position. Oxymoron? Not really. There is a difference between healthy balance and an ‘extreme,’ compromised middle. In fact, the erroneous middle is a classic logical fallacy, often called the Middle Ground fallacy: Position A and B are...


What is an extremist?

Lately around here, we have seen accusations of being part of the "extremist right" or "extremist left."  But what is the difference between an extremist and a person with healthy convictions?