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PODCAST: True Spiritual Awakening

In this examination of Nicodemus’ nighttime visit with Jesus (John 3:1-9), we discuss the main steps to True Spiritual Awakening, from a Christian perspective. Feel free to fill in the outline below as you listen, and encounter terms like “spiritual rape” and “self-authenticating witness,” and...


God’s Priorities 2: Receiving God’s Love

This post is part of a series One of the first tasks in resetting our priorities as Christians is to change our relationship with God. Naturally, that starts with what is known as ‘regeneration’, or being ‘born again’ through receiving¬†Christ, as the scriptures describe: But...


Where is God?

This simple question came up in conversation the other day, and I thought to answer it.  However, I would also like to answer, from a Christian perspective, where God is NOT. 1. God is Everywhere (Omnipresent) The most obvious answer is that God, who is...

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