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Growing anti-gay environment in the UK due to mutlicultural slumber regarding Islam2 min read

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One of my favorite humorous cultural podcasts, Shire Network News (“Protecting the Anglosphere through satire”), has created a great show this week, including an interview with Bruce Bawer, the Oslo-based US author of While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within and Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom.

Bower talks about his experiences as a gay man in what he thought would be a more tolerant European society, and what happened when he ran into radical Islam on the streets of Amsterdam one night.

In the interview, Bawer says:

We can’t let ourselves be cowed by the politically correct socialist governments and media in Europe into keeping our mouths shut about things we all know are true….

I hardly hear anything from the gay establishment….As far as they’re concerned, my books don’t even exist.  They don’t want to deal with it.  Gay people… have been so brainwashed by multiculturalism, they are constantly told how horrible the Christian Right is.

But when I was doing book tours in the states and taking phone calls from very extreme Christian right people, I never felt worried that they would try to have me killed.  They argued very angrily against me, but they were civil, and I did not feel threatened by them….

Even the worst person in the Christian Right, Fred Phelps, he’s not as bad as any number of people in Europe who are considered ‘moderate’ Muslims.

For example, here in Norway, at the Newspaper of record, we have a columnist who is supposed to be a model moderate Muslim, and he will not reject the idea that gay people should be executed…and I am the extremist for criticizing him!  It’s sheer madness that [I can be accused of Islamophobia for this]….

As long as you are not walking around with an AK-47, you are a moderate [Muslim]….It’s as if the people in charge of the governments and media have decided…we have to find someone in the Muslim community…it’s the choice between the bad and the worse….it’s disgusting.

Europe, anti-religionists, gays, and liberals, wake up! Christianity and religion are not the enemy, but Islam is.