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How long before Disney creates a cross-dressing prince or animated gay romance?3 min read

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Now that Disney has elevated gay activist Rich Ross to studio chief,it won’t be long now until we have a new more ‘diverse’ princess.  I can only imagine the titles.1

  • The Dragon and the Two Princes – A manly prince saves the swishy one from the awful Dragon and his hateful, narrow, conservative, white, hetero master.
  • Queen for a Day – The widowed King is sad, and the only person that can make him happy is the ‘dramatic’ court jester, who secretly is romantically in love with the King.  With the help of a butch Fairy Godmother, the jester is transformed into a beautiful princess for 24 hours, in which time, if she can get a kiss of true love from the King, ‘she’ can stay as a woman and live with the man of ‘her’ dreams, the lonely King.
  • Escape to Brokeback Mountain – two human-like aliens crash their ship in the desert, and are helped by a gay cowboy to escape the pursuit of the evil hetero government agents.  In the movie’s climax (no pun intended), the two androgynous aliens and the gay cowboy have an intimate threesome encounter, showing the beauty of cross-species love and multiple partners.  In the end, the aliens take the cowboy with them to live in sexual bliss in the more enlightened alien world.
  • Fabulous! – The prince lives in the gray world of a fashionless kingdom ruled by his hetero father.  Through the love and genius of a local tailor, they turn everyone on to colorful fashions.  The father finally admits that he should have appreciated the Prince for his own ‘fabulous’ values.
  • The Legend of the Fairy Prince – the heartwarming story of a Prince who always wanted to be a princess, and through the magic of a fairy God mother, becomes an androgynous fairy who no longer has to worry about gender.
  • Cinderfella (my apologies to Jerry Lewis) – classic retelling of Cinderella, except that the Prince secretly likes men, and rejoices when the cross-dressing handmaiden shows up at the ball in drag, and they dance the night away.  After a valiant search, the size 13 glass slipper turns out to fit the young, handsome, muscular, shirtless, hairless handyman slaving in the barn, and they live happily ever after.
  • Beautician and the Beast – the young male beautician is trapped in the home of the Beast, who is cursed by God with facial hair, chest hair, and a penis.  While the beautician can do nothing about the bulge in the Beast’s pants (which he kind of likes), he *can* help the beast get laser hair removal, and show him how to stop hating himself and use facial base to cover his hair follicles.
  • The Emperor’s New Groove 3 – The Prince gets sex-reassignment surgery.  (Get it?  New ‘groove’?)

We’ll see if all of this diversity really comes to pass, but as ONN remarks, we all like to use our influence to push our values:

The sad reality is that whenever you see a homosexual activist at the top, nine times out of ten they end up pushing that gay agenda using their influence to push it wherever they can.

  1. Ross has since resigned, mostly due to the failure of John Carter. Disney Studio Chief Rich Ross Leaves: Why and What Now (cnbc)[]