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Understanding Our Mormon Neighbors

Probe Ministries had an excellent series of short commentaries on how Christians should view and interact with Mormons and Mormonism.  It was very forward thinking.  You can read Understanding Our Mormon Neighbors, or go there and listen to the mp3 podcast.


The LDS Nicene Creed

This modified Nicene Creed not only reflects the differences between Christianity and Mormonism, it is humorous to see it presented as a modified Nicene Creed.  My favorite? And He and Joseph Smith (12) shall come again with glory to judge the quick and the dead,...


Are Mormons Christian?

I am not much into debating Mormonism, but Dr. Al Mohler (Southern Baptist) and Orson Scott Card (Mormon, and author of my favorite sci-fi book Ender’s Game) have begun a debate on Mormonism and Christianity at beliefnet. Though both are being very nice to one...

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