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The last 1000 research papers on homosexuality – what do they say?2 min read

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NARTH has a nice redux of a recent article from the primary journal Sexuality and Disability.  The original article, written by a researcher from the Department of Neurology at University of Illinois Medical Center, was entitled A General Review of Recent Reports on Homosexuality and Lesbianism.  I’ve summarized the redux below (a summary of a summary ;).

The short but informative redux includes:

  • Etiology – some homosexuality may be rooted in sexual abuse, but other genetic and social factors are indicated
  • Prevalence – better numbers indicate that male homosexuality is about 3-5% of the population, and 2-4% for lesbianism
  • Related diseases – gays have a much higher incidence of HIV (75% in the 1980’s, 61% now), as well as many other diseases including syphilis, genito-urinary infections, anal carcinomas in men, and bacterial vaginosis, cerebral vascular disease, polycystic ovaries, and androgehypernism in lesbians.
  • Drug and alcohol use – As a subgroup, 50% of gays admit to illicit drug use. Lesbians spent more time in bars and drank more alcohol than heterosexual females.
  • Unprotected anal sex – The hallmark finding was that 50-60% of male homosexuals have engaged in unprotected anal sex and 21% report never using a condom.
  • Casual partners – Studies show casual partnering in gays increasing, not decreasing.  The myth of homosexual monogamy seems more mythical now than ever.
  • Social and mental problems – Suicidation, molestation, and violence were disproportionately higher among homosexuals.
  • Fluidity or “Change in sexual orientation over time” – It turns out that choice may have a more significant role in homosexuality than some have thought. “A one-point shift on any dimension over their lives was reported in 48% of gay men and 20% of lesbian women. “Thus,” he concluded, “it is a myth, according to these data, that once one discovers that they are gay, they always have been and will be gay.”