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PODCAST: Work and Slavery

What does the Bible say about our relationship to work, and do those same scriptures also clearly approve or condemn slavery? My main thesis is that the household codes that discuss the obedience of servants to masters, in the Roman context, is primarily addressed to the majority...


Who Abolished Slavery?

US News had a nice article on the history of abolition, entitled Who ended the slave trade?  In it, the author makes some great observations that deal with our liberal, revisionists understandings of slavery, it’s origins, and it’s abolition.  And the whole string of conversation...


Christianity and slavery

Much has been said and insinuated about the history of Christianity and slavery. Unfortunately, many Christians, especially in the South, defended the abhorrent practice. However, today’s critics of Christianity often have a distorted view of the role the faith played in the turbulent 1800’s and...

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