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Faith: Blind, Social, or Transformative?

In my frequent discussions with atheists, I often see faith referred to in a very negative light, and I realize that we are talking about different but equally valid definitions of faith. Here’s a quick reference that will help you define what you’re talking about....


PODCAST: The Call to Maturity – Hebrews 5

Second in a mini-series on the book of Hebrews (Part 1 here), this podcast addresses the question “Does God expect all of us to eventually mentor and teach others?” Yes, but we often linger in spiritual infanthood, and God through the passage below, will have...


PODCAST: Getting back on track

This sermon is on returning to the basic disciplines of faith, as described in Romans 12:1-2, including: Bring yourselves to God Stop being conformed by this world Be Transformed Also discussed are Time Alone with God (TAG), and the possibility and pitfalls of exploring a...

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