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Gays incubating yet another serious disease, endangering humanity4 min read

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It is politically incorrect to express negative moral judgment regarding homosexuality, and even worse if anyone supports such claims by mentioning the higher rates of mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, illness, and death in the gay community.  But we all know that the rampant, gross (pun intended) promiscuity in the male homosexual community is what caused AIDS to take root and explode around the world.

Now, a highly drug-resistant staph infection has taken root in the gay communities in Boston and San Francisco, and threatens to spread to the general populace due to finding a favorable climate in the sexuality of gay communities. 

The persistent and repeated incubation and growth of such diseases in the gay community is yet another sign from nature that they are doing something unnatural – most probably, promiscuous gay sex.  And not only are they endangering their own lives through their selfish and risky behaviors, but the lives of the rest of society.

Now, I’m sure such language on my part will lead gay advocates to conclude that I am trying to argue for a pogrom, and that we should start rounding gays up into ghettos, and making them wear arm bands with pink triangles on them.  But that’s just emotional scare tactics, not reason.

So where am I going with such accusations?  First, we need to admit to the fact that the infections ARE more prevalent in the gay communities:

Incidence of the new variant is 13 times higher in San Francisco’s
heavily gay Castro neighborhood and surrounding zip codes than in the
city’s general population.

Poorly addressed in the NPR report is the WHY.

That concentration — and the fact that many infections appear on the
buttocks and the genital region — is leading researchers to suggest
that MDR staph is being spread through sexual contact.

Brilliant.  However, doctors are worried about what that could mean:

That leads some to worry this new infection could stigmatize gay men once again.

"We are worried about the fact that this could be taken to mean that this is another gay man plague," Diep says.

While stigmatization may be an issue, the bigger issue they should be worried about is public health, and why the politically-motivated medical community ignores the epidemiology surrounding male homosexuality.

Although staph is not merely a sexually transmitted disease, and is not isolated in the gay community, the fact that needs to be seen is that gay promiscuity, and perhaps the risk inherent in anal sex, are providing the perfect incubation grounds for disease, and in turn, is endangering all of us. Staph infections kill more people annually than AIDS, and the ease of transmission (skin to skin contact is enough) should make us all sit up and recognize that homosexual behavior is not just a private act, but a public risk factor. 

We need to educate people on these high-risk behaviors, and remember to mention that behaviors that lead to significantly increased morbidity and mortality are irresponsible, immature, and often, immoral – be they overeating, promiscuity, and/or unnatural sexual acts.

And perhaps we should also remember the biblical warning regarding homosexuality from Romans 1:27, indicating that homosexuality leads to a penalty which is deserved and a natural outcome that is received, most probably in the body as disease:

Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in
their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful,
and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.