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I Will Carry You

Realizing that the completion of my Christian walk depends on God and not on my level of commitment or strength or goodness. I can screw up royally and still God will keep me. And I am certain that God, who began the good work within...


Arrogant Intellectualism

As an intellectual himself, Augustine reflected on the mini years he looked down upon the Bible, thinking it two simple, filling in didacticism, and basically fairy stories for children. Later, he realized that his own arrogance and the people that he fell in with were...


Extramarital Sex

Augustine is well known for lamenting his years before he became a Christian. He seems overly rocked with guilt over his sexual escapades. As a young, Well to do intellectual in college he did with a lot of men did back then, which is to...


SUMMARY: The Trinity by Augustine

Augustine wrote The Trinity over twenty years, ending with a text so enormous that it was published in parts, in rough form, and later revised by Augustine (Harmless, 2010, p. 286). It is somewhat unique in Augustine’s major works in that he pursued it, not...


Finding Home

This quote is probably one of Augustine’s most famous, and it expresses a deep profound truth. Nothing in this world can truly satisfy the soul, because we are made for God and cannot rest until we are restored to him.


Reflections on the Life of Augustine

1. Thagaste: The Childhood of Augustine One of the most important influences on any human being is the character and quality of their parents and childhood experience. As the child of a fairly well-to-do Italian family in a northern-African outpost of the Roman Empire, Augustine...

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