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What’s wrong with Calivinism

I have a high regard for Calvinism, since it saved me from (hyper)-Arminianism, experienced by me as the Holiness movement. This movement is the child of Wesleyan Holiness, whose major error is the idea of Total Sanctification (that we can reach complete sanctification before death...


PODCAST: Stop Working for God

For many, the life of faith is a life of burdensome works to earn or keep salvation. That is totally backwards. Listen and understand why. Outline below. To download Stop Working for God, please subscribe to our podcast feed. http://www.wholereason.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/stop_working_for_god.mp3Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: RSS


SERIES: Scrupulosity

This series is made up of the following articles: Scrupulosity 1, How Catholicism and Arminianism Obscure the Gospel and Create Neuroses Scrupulosity 2, How Sola Fide Solves the Problem Created by Works-based Theology Scrupulosity 3 – How to escape the bondage of Catholic and Arminian...

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