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Was Wayne Dyer really a spiritual success?

This past week, self-help guru and author Wayne Dyer died at age 75. He was beloved by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres, even officiating Degeneres’ wedding to actress Portia de Rossi. In addition, he appeared many times on PBS. As a champion of...


S.N. Goenka and Vipassana Meditation

I chose to study and follow up on this Buddhist teacher and style of meditation because of all the spiritual disciplines, I feel that this one has had the most profound practical impact on me, despite the fact that salvation and time spent with the...


Meditation 1: Christians and Buddhist meditation

In 2001, during my journey out of Christendom, I attended a 10 day silent Buddhist meditation retreat in the California hills, which focused on a certain simple type of silent meditation called Vipassana. I published my reflections on it back then, and you can see...

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