Category: Research Papers

REVIEW: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Whitney

In Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (1991), Don Whitney provides a thorough and thoughtful catalog of the many possible and prescribed disciplines of the Christian path. He provides not only the scriptural parameters and warrants for the various disciplines, but also clarifications and instructions,...


REVIEW: Why Religion Matters by Huston Smith

In The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief (2006), Huston Smith (d. 2016), the lifelong religion scholar and Professor of Philosophy argues for the ongoing importance of religion despite modern trends towards disbelief and materialism. Though…


SUMMARY: The Trinity by Augustine

Augustine wrote The Trinity over twenty years, ending with a text so enormous that it was published in parts, in rough form, and later revised by Augustine (Harmless, 2010, p. 286). It is somewhat unique in Augustine’s major works in that he pursued it, not...


SUMMARY: The City of God by Augustine

Augustine lived through what became obvious was the end of the millennium-long Roman empire. It would seem hard to fathom that such a kingdom could ever end, but this decline helped Augustine realize that all human kingdoms end, but God’s kingdom does not.

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