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Living it out rather than getting out1 min read

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Livingitout1 One of the topics I am interested in, for personal and academic reasons, is the Biblical view of homosexuality, as well as the potential for recovery FROM homosexuality.  Of course, pro-gay commenters make all kinds of accusations about my interest, suggesting that I am a closet homo, or am supressing my homosexual or pedophile thoughts or actions, or that I have some other disingenuous, hateful or self-hateful motive.  I guess you’ll have to take my word that such is not the case, or wait until I am exposed by some investigative reporter.

ANYWAY, you may be aware that there are quite a few who basically consider themselves gay Christians or Evangelical and Gay.  In this same vein, there is a new book out entitled Living it Out, with a descriptive subtitle of a survival guide written by lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians, our families, friends and allies.

Anyway, for those of us interested in not only securing right doctrine on homosexuality, but developing a heart and methods for reaching them with transforming, liberating truth (and helping them heal from their ‘dysfunction’), this book, basically a compilation of their stories and journeys in trying to be gay and Christian, might be instructive in seeking first to understand.  Enjoy.