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Why Americans fear Hispanics and other immigrants

Remember the big argument between Geraldo and O’Reilly over immigration?  As it turns out, Geraldo got a book deal about it, and his review of the history of immigration to the U.S. is really interesting.   His new book is entitled His Panic: Why Americans Fear...


Our Travail with Immigration

My mother-in-law could not come to our wedding because she could not get a VISA to come here.  In fact, after four years of marriage, I met her for the first time this past summer on a visit to Mexico.  We have gone through the...


Bill O’Reilly Flips out on Geraldo

I actually like Bill O’Reilly, though he sometimes cuts off his guests, and can be dogmatic in a bad way (dogmatism, imo, is not always bad).   However, if you hate Bill, you will probably hate him more after viewing this clip.  I agree w/ Geraldo...