Tagged: Satire

The Ten Aspirational Statements and Gay Marriage

Recently, historically conservative Christian colleges started changing their policies regarding gay marriage and sexual orientation. This is in part a move to comply with the reality of the nationwide legal approval of gay marriage as decided by the SCOTUS in Obergefell v. Hodges issued in July of this...


The Drama of Bad Church Testimonies

Few things are as influential as positive testimonies, be they for products, or for faith. The practice of telling the story of how you came to faith, a.k.a. the personal testimony, has waned of late in many churches, in no small part because either people are...


Coming out to your parents as polygamous

It is very exciting to live in a day when previously ridiculed and marginalized people groups are receiving legal and social recognition and rights. Blacks, women, and now homosexuals are finally finding their place in the sun as decades, even centuries of discrimination are being...

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