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Spot the “controversial” nominee

Two men were nominated by President Obama for prominent scientific positions in the federal government. One was dubbed "controversial," they other … not so much. Nominee #1 is pro-choice, pro-ESCR, believes in evolution, campaigned for Pres. Obama and was the geneticist who led the effort...


Tragic murders

Two acts of terror were committed. Two people were murdered in separate assassinations. One has been the subject of non-stop media coverage and blame assigning. The other has been almost ignored. Doubt that? How many times have you heard the name George Tiller, the partial-birth...


Two vaguely political questions

Yes, I said I would be cutting back on politics. You will have to trust me on this one – I have. But I did have two questions, which aren’t exactly political, but have ramifications for politics (especially since both come from NR’s The Campaign...


Conservatism loses another giant

It has been a rough few weeks with the passing of influential conservatives. Unfortunately that continued with Tony Snow, former FOX News host and White House press secretary, who died today. My prayers are with Snow’s family during their difficult time.


Two or Three: Providing balance to the MSM

I have often been criticized here because of my tendency to post more negative stories about Obama than about McCain. I defended my posting habits, even though I have tried to be a bit more "fair" recently, by arguing that I am admittedly biased. I’m...

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