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God’s Priorities 2: Receiving God’s Love

This post is part of a series One of the first tasks in resetting our priorities as Christians is to change our relationship with God. Naturally, that starts with what is known as ‘regeneration’, or being ‘born again’ through receiving┬áChrist, as the scriptures describe: But...


Podcast: Adopting God’s Priorities

This sermon got some strong positive and negative feedback, including the criticism that it contained ‘profanity.’ You be the judge. Contains the following points: Failures of the Left and Right Emergence of the Christian Center Organizations moving from LEFT to Center Organizations moving from RIGHT...


God’s Priorities 3: Receiving Truth

This post is part of a series This is the second of the four basic priorities of spirituality, as I outlined in my Introduction is that of Receiving God’s Truth. As you may remember, this a combination of Loving God and prioritizing truth. In attempting...


God’s Priorities 1: Introduction

This post is part of a series Reading Watchman Nee’s classic book Spiritual Authority, I realized that my priorities, and what I thought was important, were perhaps quite different from God’s. “This”, I thought, “might account for why I see some of the Old Testament...

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