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When is a woman not a woman? When she takes testosterone1 min read

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Tammy Thomas is a winning female cyclist.  Too bad she’s been winning because of steroid use.  Don’t believe it?  Just ask the reporter who caught her shaving her face – better yet, just look at her before shaving! 

What’s scary is that she is a biological woman, but her face shows signs of "severe virilization," as the doctor’s call it.  I’ll say.  What’s really funny is, this woman, who presumably has no gender issues, looks more masculine than the pregnant transgender woman being called a ‘pregnant man.’  Gender confusion and perversion are reaching new heights daily in our society, and it should alarm us.  We need to pray harder, preach more, allow ourselves to be more transformed by Christ and His Word,  and serve others more in order to help save our sick society.