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Our experience with charter/home schooling in California

With the appointment of Betsy DeVoss to Education Secretary, lots of people are concerned that her prior commitment to charter schooling and her potential lack of experience helping public schools may hurt our education system and our kids. However, DeVoss could redirect funds to school choice and away...


Homeschooling Material for 6th Grade

This is our first year doing homeschooling – we are starting our 6th grader, while our two younger children are still in the excellent Walnut Grove public school. We are totally nervous (n00bs), and since we are homeschooling under Connecting Waters charter home school, we...


Home Schooling Advice Lists

Scriptorium has two excellent posts on homeschooling, What is a Classical, Traditional, Christian Education? and Toward Virtue: Ten Lessons We Have Learned Home Schooling.  I’ve provided the content of the second article as a list. Education must begin and end with virtue The best way...

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