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Coolest thing this week

I know this sounds very strange, but the new phone system at work provides me great enjoyment. One of the phones in our area sounds like the CTU phones from 24. When I answer that one, I want to say: “Chloe O’Brian: CTU.” I keep...


’24’ fix coming sooner than expected

I had been heart broken over the fact that ’24’ didn’t start this year due to the writers’ strike. I was even more heart broken to discover that Jack Bauer would not be returning with his new season until 2009. But FOX has decided to...


Who is Steven Furtick?

That has been one of the most asked questions on blogs according to Technorati. Who is Steven Furtick? Most people have no idea how to answer that question, but I have the joy of being able to answer it…somewhat.


Wear the Ten Commandments? Yeah.

With all the bruhaha regarding the ten commandments on public property, I set up www.display-the-ten.com with ten commandments merchandise. At the very least, us private citizens can keep God’s law in front of us. My favorite items include: "Thou shalt not kill" on a baby’s...

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