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How a conservative might address liberal priorities

In a recent Facebook discussion, a (Iiberal) commenter asked me how I would address certain issues or public policy methods that liberals find unassailable. Here you go. Do you support heavily subsidized daycare? Do you support a $15 minimum wage? Do you support universal healthcare?...


Christian Healthcare Alternatives?

Solving the healthcare problem won’t be easy, for a couple of reasons.   First, we don’t have a model that allows us to properly contain costs while providing adequate care.  Secondly, and more importantly, there is shared responsibility between the spheres of government. I believe that...


Christianity and Healing Depression – Part 1

The first approach one should take to treating depression is that of treating physical causes. By addressing these, you can eliminate them as causes and move on to emotional and spiritual issues. How are your diet and your sleep? You need to improve these first...


Health care reform misconceptions

Much of the talk surrounding the health care reform debate has been misunderstandings, misinformation, exaggerations and occasionally out right lies. Despite what many want to say, both sides have engaged in all of these and most continue to do so. It is not too difficult...

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