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Scott Adams continues to question atheism

Self-proclaimed agnostic Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, discusses interesting issues on his personal blog.  In the past, he has taken on atheism, as well as critics of Intelligent Design, and he does it again with a pair of posts entitled The Atheist...


This year’s Templeton Prize winner

From the Templeton site (HT: Prosthesis): NEW YORK, MARCH 14 – Professor Charles Taylor, a Canadian philosopher who for nearly half a century has argued that problems such as violence and bigotry can only be solved by considering both their secular and spiritual dimensions, has won the 2007...


Bertrand Russell’s surprising weakness

I am not a philosopher or a scientist, but a writer and thinker at best. There are many arguments that skeptics make which are challenging to me and my faith, causing me to wrestle with the questions posed. One of last century’s great atheistic intellects...

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