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Christian Ministry Fined $23,000 in Gay Discrimination Case1 min read

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Well, it has started in Canada – the loss of religious liberty, and the beginning of lawsuits against churches who don’t want to hire gays, or who condemn homosexuality. 

One of Canada’s largest Christian ministries dedicated to caring for
the disabled was fined $23,000 recently by the Human Rights Tribunal of
Ontario for allegedly discriminating against a former homosexual

Connie Heintz claimed discrimination against Christian Horizons
after she said she was “subjected to a poisoned work environment” and
pressured into quitting her job after she entered a homosexual
relationship – which was in violation of her work contract back in 2000.

line with its Christian foundation and principles, the ministry
requires that all its employees sign “morality statements” vowing to
abstain from immoral behavior, including pornography, pre-marital,
extra-marital, and homosexual activity as a condition of employment.