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GUIDE: Systematic Theology Books

Last Update: 3.27.2020 As a Master’s student in theology, I have had to take a class in Systematic Theology. I wanted to find a nice overview of the landscape of ST, but found only bits and pieces. Here’s my more comprehensive overview for budding theologians...


REVIEW: Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes

Introduction In Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes, authors Richards and O’Brien offer many reasons why Western Christians may be misunderstanding scripture because they are imposing their own context and assumptions on it rather than viewing it from the original writers’ and recipients’ frame of reference...


4 Views on Homosexuality and the Bible

As yet another high profile evangelical departs from centuries of orthodoxy on the issue, we have to ask ourselves, what is happening, and should we question our own position on the issue? If the tide of public opinion is shifting against the traditional view, should we join it or get ready to defend it?