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REVIEW: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Whitney

In Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (1991), Don Whitney provides a thorough and thoughtful catalog of the many possible and prescribed disciplines of the Christian path. He provides not only the scriptural parameters and warrants for the various disciplines, but also clarifications and instructions,...


3 Types of Submission in Christian Living

This post is part of a series. The keynote speaker at this year’s 2018 National Disciple Making Forum in Nashville was Shodankeh Johnson, a charismatic pastor from Sierra Leone, Africa. He was quite challenging and inspiring, to say the least (you can hear an interview with...


PODCAST: Taking Refuge In God – Psalm 31

Have you ever been so stressed or sad that you felt like you were losing years off of your life? That real life was so hard you wanted to just let all of your responsibilities slide so you could hide until the storm passed? You...


Prayer while feeling rushed in daily living

O God Forgive me for this busy prayer Atop my business like a layer Of dust upon my uncleaned shelves Abandoned by my cleaning elves. Hear my superficial cant Atop my awkward stumbling gait Half-witted like my untied shoe Have mercy as I wretch towards...

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