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A summary of my contentions regarding Islam

I’ve written much on Islam over the past years, and thought to summarize it. The Real History of the Crusades For starters, the Crusades to the East were in every way defensive wars. They were a direct response to Muslim aggression – an attempt to...


If Islam is evil, why are there nice Muslims?

When I contend that Islam is inherently racist and murderous, I often hear the counter that if I am right, why are there so many nice Muslims? I certainly confirm that the Muslims I know and work with are gentle, beautiful and sometimes pious people....


Muslim Immigration – Enemy of Europe and the West

Essayist Fjordman has written another whopper of a post over at Dhimmi Watch entitled Why the European Union Must be Dismantled.  It’s a little long, so let me select a few choice passages, as well as some passages from his response to angry commenters. I...