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Spain Reconquered by Islam1 min read

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Want to get really mad?  Just read the daily litany of Muslim oppression and violence at  This latest article shows how "fear of offending Muslims" is changing culture in Spain.

From the article:

Spanish villages are toning down traditional fiestas, in which dummies representing the Prophet Mohammed are blown up, for fear of offending Muslims.

One eastern Spanish village, Bocairent, decided to abandon the custom of packing the head of a dummy representing Mohammed with fireworks after seeing the angry Muslim response to a Danish newspaper’s publication last year of cartoons of him.

Villages all over Spain hold annual festivals to commemorate the "Reconquista’", the reconquest of Spain by Christians from the Moors, which was completed in 1492 after more than 700 years of Muslim rule in much of the country.

I just found a new holiday to celebrate.  Heck, I got Spanish relatives.  Stuff like this makes me want to be as offensive as possible.  But I guess the best response is to live and preach the gospel.  Sigh.  Loving your neighbor is hard, esp. when he’s a murderous fanatic.