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When Islam Abandoned Reason

Robert R. Reilly, who has more accomplishments than I can list, has written a fascinating historical account of 9th century Islam, and how the more Hellenic (Greek) version of Islam, which viewed reason and faith as complementary, was ousted by the anti-reason school of thought...


BOOK: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

In my World Religions class at Fuller Theological Seminary, I have focused on learning about Islam. I’ve read and listened to more books than I care to mention, and of course, realize how much more there really is to know. But one of the best books...


Reflections in my visit to a Mosque

Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq is an Afghani mosque in Hayward, California. It is a smaller replica of the well-known “Blue Mosque” or “Herat Great Mosque” in Herat, Afghanistan. I drove into the parking lot for Friday prayers, and found a small market selling some eastern...


REVIEW: Islam by Braswell

George W. Braswell Jr.’s Islam: Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics and Power is a concise yet fairly comprehensive introduction to the history, doctrines, and practice of Islam. Braswell, a Baptist professor of missions, has spent the majority of his career understanding and teaching on the beliefs...

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