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Fighting Islamofascism Like Cold-War Communism1 min read

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Two men integral to creating the Reagan approach to defeating Communism are now formally making plans to dismantle Islamofascism.

Jack Wheeler, a strategist credited with formulating "the Reagan
Doctrine" that helped bring down the Soviet Empire, and Steve Baldwin,
a former California legislator and the executive director of the
Council for National Policy, have teamed up for what they describe as
the creation of an "Anti-Islamofascism Movement."

They have a nice outline, and a yahoo group you can join too. 

The agenda for such a movement should include the following activities and efforts, they say:

  • investigate radical mosques
  • support anti-Islamofascist freedom fighters
  • thwart attempts to impose Sharia law
  • form an anti-Islamofascist publishing network
  • create an anti-Islamofascist portal on the Internet
  • establish an anti-Islamofascist speakers bureau
  • wage an ideological assault on Islamofascism
  • support efforts to evangelize Muslims in Europe and the Middle East
  • create a global anti-Islamofascist coalition
  • reframe the illegal immigration issue as one of national security
  • end dependence on foreign oil that’s funding the Islamofascists.

Planning meetings through regular teleconferencing are already
underway. There is a new secure Internet forum where ideas are being
exchanged. There is also an e-mail address where those interested in
the "movement" can make their intention known –

I am so in.