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D’Souza chides left and right on Islam4 min read

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Dinesh D’Souza, popular conservative author and former senior policy analyst in Ronald Reagan’s White House, recently released his latest book entitled The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11.  I have not read the book, but it’s actually been getting a lot of criticism from conservative journals and blogs, such as this article from Frontpage Mag.  The article outlines and discusses D’Souza’s suggestions for how we should address Islam, and I thought they were worth reading.

What’s interesting is their objection to his use (and abuse) of the word "Islamophobia" and their phrase "the Hate Crime Industry."  I do agree that the pejorative and inaccurate use of "phobia" by groups such as the pro-gay lobby is tiring, and the weapon of "hate speech" to quell moral outrage is effective, but wrong.

Here’s what D’Souza recommends to the political right in order to build bridges with Islam.  Remember that D’Souza is a well-worn conservative, so he’s preaching to his own, and getting heat for it:

"Stop attacking Islam. […] cease blaming Islam for the
behavior of the radical Muslims….There is probably no
better way to repel traditional Muslims, and push them into the radical
camp, than to attack their religion and their prophet.

I understand this sentiment, but listen, we don’t need to walk around on egg-shells in order to not offend Muslim sensibilities.  And honestly, does anyone really believe that these "extremists" represent a small minority of Muslims when nearly EVERY country that has a majority of Muslims has the same violent, repressive, oppressive lack of freedom and persecution of non-Muslims?

Regarding "Islamophobia," the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), a left-leaning EU-sponsored organization, defines the ideas behind Islamophobia this way:

  1. Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to

    Sure, Islam is not monolithic.  But the Koran and the Hadith are not
    changing any time soon, and regardless of the existence of Nice Muslims
    (TM), these texts clearly show the general wickedness of the prophet and his teachings.

  2. Islam is seen as separate and "other."

    Um, they go to great lengths to make themselves look different, and they want to have their own separate laws, and they fail to integrate into western society.  I’d say they are trying to be separate.

  3. Islam is seen as
    inferior to the West, barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.

    Islam as inferior, barbaric, and sexist?  Um, unless it changes it’s
    ways significantly, the proof is in the pudding, not in the pandering
    of deceitful apologists like CAIR.

  4. Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, supportive of terrorism and
    engaged in a clash of civilizations.

    So, prove us wrong.  This is certainly the worldwide trend.

  5. Islam is seen as a political

    Since Islam denies ANY separation between church and state, it can only be seen this way.  To not see it as political would be dishonest, if not ignorant of Islam’s teachings on God and government, not to mention it’s aim of world conquest by preaching and subjugation.

  6. Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of

    The west should listen to criticisms, but it’s hard to receive criticism from leaders and people who talk and act like madmen – denying the holocaust, anti-semitism, and murdering not only innocents who disagree with you, but your own people?  No wonder we can’t hear valid criticisms.

  7. Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discriminatory
    practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream

    You know, this is an unfortunate result of Muslim’s own unwillingness to integrate with western society, to stand up to the violence in Islam, and the justifiable fear of the "nice" Muslim next door turning out to be a deceiver plotting to kill others.  Change Islam and you’ll reduce discrimination by orders of magnitude.

  8. Anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal.

    Again, the onus is on Islam to change it’s reputation.  Until then, innocent Muslims suffer along with the jerks.

Anyway, that’s my input.