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Beheading Nations – The Islamization of Europe’s Cities6 min read

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European writer Fjordman has a new essay on Islam in Europe.  He argues that, with huge Muslim immigration into large and capitol cities, these locations are being Islamified.  Here’s my summary of points.  If you think it can’t happen in Western countries, it is already happening there, and will in the US if we do not take action to stop it, and we need to put multiculturalism in it’s place – that is, we can’t halt discernment for fear of offending minorities.  If they break the law, they get the penalties.  If they are more suspicious based on demographics, then we profile.  (As an aside, Robert Spencer, author of The Truth About Muhammed, was recently profiled in an airport, and he talks about why he was NOT offended).

  1. Immigration of Muslims to large, and capitol cities is "out of control," even though conservative thinktanks that predicted such were mocked as "alarmist."
  2. White families are leaving London while migrants move in
  3. Minority enclaves become increasingly unwelcoming to non-members, and there are already reports of Hindus being driven out of Muslim ghettos in England.
  4. In 1980, the Islamic Council of Europe laid tou their strategy for Islamifying European countries
    • Don’t integrate
    • Concentrate in a particular area until you are the majority, so that the institutions of the local community (schools, shops, advertisements) come to reflect Islamic structures.
    • Push for Sharia law in these areas, and defend it by claiming that to deny this right is "racist"
  5. In France, Muslims already have many smaller "Muslim states within French states"
    • "From 106 hot points in 1991, we went to 818 sensitive areas in 1999." The term she used, "sensitive areas," was used to describe Muslim no-go zones where anything representing a Western institution (post office truck, firemen, even mail order delivery firms) was routinely ambushed with Molotov cocktails. The number was 818 in 2002, when the French government decided to stop collecting the statistics.
  6. Violence against non-conforming women in these sectors of town has increased dramatically
  7. Muslim children are missing lots of public school, esp. when "objectionable" content is taught
    • Muslim students regularly boycotted classes that concerned Voltaire, Rousseau and Moliere, whom the students accused of being anti-Islamic. Orbin’s report cited Muslim students’ refusal to use the "plus" sign in mathematics because it looks like a crucifix; Muslims boycotting class trips to churches, cathedrals and monasteries; and forcing wholesale changes in school lunch fare to accommodate their religious practices.
  8. Muslims are targeting the workplace too
    • A report commissioned by several retail and courier companies stated that the Islamists’ strategy is to "take control of Muslims within the workforce" and then "challenge the rules in order to impose Islamic values."
  9. In the Netherlands, Muslims will soon make up the majority in all major cities.
  10. All across Europe, debate on Islam is being stopped.
    • Italy’s greatest living writer, Oriana Fallaci, soon comes up for trial in her home country, and in Britain the government seems intent on pushing through laws that would make truths about Islam and the conduct of its followers impossible to voice. Europe is shuffling into darkness. It is proving incapable of standing up to its enemies, and in an effort to accommodate the peripheral rights of a minority is failing to protect the most basic rights of its own people."
  11. Plans for Islamification are openly talked about by Muslims
    • Jahjah, who has called the 9/11 attacks "sweet revenge," recruits Muslim youth to spread his ideology, which calls for the introduction of sharia in Europe.
    • "We have three basic demands," he says. "Bilingual education for Arab-speaking kids, hiring quotas that protect Muslims, and the right to keep our cultural customs." "Assimilation is cultural rape. It means renouncing your identity, becoming like the others." Jahjah has also demanded that Arabic should be made an official language in Belgium.
  12. Blind people with their guide dogs are finding it increasingly difficult to get a taxi ride due to the large number of Muslim cab drivers
    • Grethe Olsen, accompanied by her guide dog Isak, experienced being rejected by no less than 21 taxis before finally getting a ride. Olsen thought the taxi drivers said no for religious reasons. The Norwegian Blind Association confirmed that this is a well known problem all over the country, especially in cities with many immigrants. Dogs are considered extremely dirty animals in Islam and only permitted for certain limited uses, such as guarding your property.
  13. Non-muslims in Sweden are wanting to flee urban areas because of increased Islamic violence
    • In Sweden, reports about criminal gangs and mafias, a phenomenon that is growing day by day, are coming in from urban areas all over the country, and a feeling of powerlessness is spreading among ordinary citizens. "We have no other possibility than to flee from this area. Families cannot fight against these problems alone. We are talking about survival, you can get stabbed here. We can only survive by attempting to avoid getting targeted."
    • Neither Feriz nor Pajtim expressed any sympathy for their victims. "If they get injured, they just have themselves to blame for being weak," said Pajtim and shrugged.
  14. Corruption among Muslim officers in the UK
    • A secret high-level UK police report concluded that Muslim officers were more likely to become corrupt than white officers, with complaints of misconduct and corruption against Muslim officers running 10 times higher than against their colleagues.
  15. Increased urban insecurity means that the state is not able to guarantee the security of its citizens.
    • If ordinary citizens feel that the state is no longer able to guarantee the safety of their loved ones, then perhaps native Europeans will create groups and "clans" of their own, to counter the Muslim clans. The result will be a re-tribalization of our countries. The downfall of the nation state, if it happens, will be chaotic, painful and bloody. Can it still be avoided? Only time will tell.