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Denmark continues hard line on Islamic extremism2 min read

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As noted previously, Denmark is at the forefront of no-nonsense western responses to militant Islam.  Now SIAD (Stop the Islamification of Denmark) has stepped it up a notch.  This week, they called for certain verses of the Koran to be banned in Denmark, since they violate the clauses of the Danish Constitution prohibiting speech that incites violence.

SIAD took the trouble to send the relevant information as a press
release to Al Jazeera and the embassies of various Muslim countries.  "We have also sent it to Al Jazeera and a couple of Arabic embassies….we want to save the Danish imams from
another trip to the Arabic countries. Instead of traveling around,
they could just as well hear the truth from their own channel Al
Jazeera and from their embassies."

I’m not sure banning passages from a book is really effective, but perhaps preaching them can be banned – I mean, that’s where the rubber meets the road – if you preach violence, you get closed down, period. 

The article also lists what I think is a good set of principles for dealing with militant Islam in the west:

  • Don’t be defensive; be aggressive. Take the fight into the enemy’s territory.
  • Refuse to be intimidated by the bullying tactics and threats of the Islamic groups.
  • Take a tip from the Islamists and use legal initiatives and lawsuits to pressure them.
  • Emphasize the overwhelmingly violent nature of the writings in the Koran and the Hadith.
  • Use humor as a major weapon, since Muslims are defenseless against it.

Here’s my attempt at Islamic humor (not really;):

Q:  What do you call a religious man who has sex with 9-year olds?
A:  If you are a Muslim, you call him a prophet, a saint, a man to emulate.