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6 Reasons for Vaccine Skepticism – that may lead to the wrong conclusion3 min read

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As a former vaccine skeptic, I can tell you why many people are suspicious:

1. Overly-aggressive timing

The *timing* of some vaccines seems unnecessary. For example, Hep-b vaccines are recommended AT BIRTH in the US – not because infants are likely to contract it, but because it is easier to inoculate everyone early rather than wait until they are at the high risk age. You think injecting such concoctions into the system of a newborn, so fragile and new, is smart? Neither do a lot of people. 1

2. Vaccines for Non Lethal Conditions

Some vaccines are given now that us Xers *earned* our immunity to – varicella (Chicken Pox / Shingles) – that is, we caught it in the wild. Why are we pumping our kids with another mixture of who knows what when they can gain natural immunity, and perhaps more permanent immunity, the natural way? Sure, shingles is dangerous. 2

Due to the effectiveness, at least in childhood, of the vaccine, those of us who wish for the natural method of acquiring it in the wild are out of luck – we either have to engage in pox parties, or go get vaccinated. 3

3. Hectic Schedules

scheduleEver seen the schedule of when your kids have to be vaccinated? Multiply that by the number of kids you have, not to mention the skyrocketing cost of office visits, and you see why it is difficult to get all those damned shots.

4. Existence of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Yes, misinformation and fear cause people to doubt vaccine safety and effectiveness, and the existence of this government organization doesn’t help.

5. Lack of other explanations for the rise in autism

Sure, there are good studies denying the link between autism and MMR, etc. However, the medical community’s lack of information on what does cause autism means that lingering fears of the studies being wrong easily persists – you expect me to put my child’s future at risk for one study? Did the pharma companies put that out? 4

BTW, I am of the mind that delayed pregnancy and birth control and fertility hormones are interfering with brain development in children. 5 6 7 8

6. Distrust of Big Pharma

When pharma companies spend huge amount on lobbying, then get their vaccines on the docket, should we trust them? Maybe not. 9 10 11 12


I delayed many immunizations for my kids because I was more worried about the impurities in the manufactured vaccines than in the environment. However, upon reading the studies on MMR, as well as the data on effectiveness vs. risk (there is real risk), I decided to get most of the recommended vaccines. But that does not mean that I trust big pharma, or the government, to always know what is best. Especially when it is injected into my children.

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