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The telling question you should ask your Rep about Obamacare1 min read

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Dwtest1 I get the American Family Association newsletter, and this week, they sent an intriguing statement.

Here is the single most important question you can ask your Representative and Senators concerning ObamaCare.

“Will you vote to require members of
Congress to be included on any bill dealing with health care? Please
give me a yes or no answer.”

If the ObamaCare health care bill isn’t good for the members of Congress, then it is not good for the general public.

Do you think that this is a good litmus test?  I mean, do we expect our leaders to be under the same laws as us, or are they allowed special treatment?  If so, in what cases?  In this case?

BTW, the guy that leads it, Don Wildmon (pictured above), looks anything but wild, and sounds even geekier.  I think they need a new face at the top.